Research / Application

The ATRA Foundation provides a set of original and standard advanced theoretical models for judging the standards of technical projects.

[Application] “Canbeing”Ultra-realistic style virtual digital human

The “Canbeing” hyper-realistic style virtual digital human is built on a full 3D realistic collision physics engine environment, using 400 neural network voices across 140 languages and variants, using highly expressive and human-like voices, expressions, movements and other features. The overall project utilizes AI deep learning systems/artificial intelligence to enhance performance and optimize rendering and performance.

[Research]Depression Research

The Triage and Diagnostic Decision Support Question for Depression is a comprehensive pre-diagnosis system based on scenarios and personalization. This study, through the study of the existing main flow meter system and clinical data performance, through the analysis of big data and artificial intelligence modeling methods to analyze the likelihood of clinical manifestations and the possibility of social pathogenic factors analysis, to finally draw this The conclusion of the study.

[Research]Open access academic paper Research

(including academic trends and academic misconduct)
This topic is mainly to research the relevant information after the publication of the paper to explore, through modeling analysis and knowledge mining, to discover possible possible combinations of academic misconduct. Such as brush reference, information theft and so on. This topic will also be based on the analysis of massive open source papers to obtain evolutionary trends in different academic directions over the years.

[Application]Ruanruanjia AIoT Project

Ruanruanjia a brand of Wuxi Yijia Global Trading Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in cross-border imported maternal and child products business. It is committed to bringing global high-quality maternal and child products to local mothers in Wuxi. Founded in 2018 In the year, there are thousands of SKUs in the mall, covering milk powder, diapers, daily necessities, daily necessities and other product categories, from the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany and other countries and regions, positioned in “one stop.” The soft and soft home mall of the International Mother and Baby Platform focuses on the direct purchase mode of origin, with direct mining direct mail, cross-border bonded warehouse, and domestic stocking mode. The entire project was built based on the overall architecture of AIOT. The first overall solution for the global supply chain + distributed unmanned payment stores.

[Reseach]Innovative Research on AR/VR in Interactive Media Design

The project “Innovative Research on AR/VR in Interactive Media Design” is based on AR/VR technology, we will study the contents of VR and AR as the main expressions in the process of interactive media design, the differences and changes between the design contents of new and traditional interactive media,and then study how to use AR/VR as an innovative means to promote the development of interactive media design to a more innovative, more artistic and more unique direction. The project is also an innovative research project at Tsinghua University’s Art and Technology Innovation (ATI) base, led by Lin Binhua, executive director of the laboratory.

[Reseach]China Digital Entertainment Design Talent Blue Book

The project “Tsinghua University Digital Entertainment Design Education Research” & “China Digital Entertainment Design Talent Blue Book” was based on the survey of 11 undergraduate graduates and 3 in-service students from the Department of information art and design, Academy of fine arts, Tsinghua University, we studied the development of Chinese digital entertainment design talents during the fourteen years from 2006 to 2019. Through the summary and data analysis of educational achievements, the digital entertainment design talents have been studied in the field of education and teaching for more than ten years, and finally compiled into a blue book.

[Application]ETCP Intelligent Parking Solution

ETCP’s original parking solution includes intelligent parking equipment, ETCP intelligent parking cloud platform, intelligent parking charging system and intelligent parking management system. ETCP intelligent parking solution connects thousands of parking lots together based on the original intelligent parking cloud platform. This approach allows us to provide parking operators with more convenient and powerful management tools to improve their service levels while reducing labor costs. More detailed and accurate data analysis poses greater business opportunities. It easily embedded the parking data into the OA system, customer service system, staff performance management system of the car park operation company…

[Research] Decentralized Family Digital Trust Research Based on Blockchain Technology

At present, the world’s nine major trading markets are exploring the use of distributed ledger technology (DLT), and China has also incorporated it into the national informationization plan to apply to the registration, settlement and clearing systems to reduce operating costs. This paper starts with the principle and characteristics of the blockchain, and expounds its role in solving the main difficulties in the transaction of family trust products. Through the analysis of the current research and application status of blockchains in major trading places at home and abroad, this paper explores the blockchain. It applies to the conflicts and challenges that family trusts may face, and proposes prospects and regulatory recommendations for subsequent application in China’s trust industry and transaction transfer institutions.