What is ATRAF?

Atraf is an independent non-profit organization that focuses on academic exchanges and popular science services, promotes advanced technology research, transforms technology into products, and successfully lands in various social/commercial applications.


find out advanced technical talents from all around the world and advanced technologies created by these talents for publicity and commendation.

Our Goals

• Unite advanced technology researchers;
• Support economic growth, quality life and job creation through innovation;
• Provide support for the development of high-quality talents and expand research and job opportunities through technical exchange;
• Promote networks and cooperation between universities, research institutions, non-profit organizations and commercial companies around the world.


• Technology for human services
• Not afraid of authority
• Science solves theoretical problems and technology solves practical problems.

Focosing Areas

• Artificial intelligence
• IoT technology
• Digital Economy
• Financial technology

White Paper

A great social non-profit organization for advanced technology research

The ecosystem system established by ATRA Foundation hopes to make science and technology better for human society and better serve humanity.
The ATRAF ecosystem is designed around the keywords of "knowledge, growth, recognition, respect and honor".