Governance team

The council is formed by members, with a total of 15 members. The council has a rotating chairman and 2-3 vice presidents. The rotating chairman has no special circumstances. Every three years, the board of directors rotates.

Rotating Chairman: Peng Jiang
Vice Chairman: Binhua Lin     Feng Liu     Zhen Wang
Honorary Department: Haisong Ma
Integrated Secretariat: Hao Wu    Yueyan Yan
Public Relations Department: Honghong Song     Lei Shao

  • Integrated Secretariat: responsible for daily fund operations and comprehensive work
    Advanced Technology Department: Full-time collection, collection and research of advanced technology development information in related fields, providing reference and assistance for project review and project assistance, and exploring advanced technologies that are promising but not widely concerned
    Innovation and Communication Department: Planning and organizing various external exchange activities of the Foundation
    Member Personnel Department: responsible for managing members’ recommendation, joining, reviewing and exiting
    Public Relations Department: responsible for the foundation’s external public relations creation and maintenance
  • Honorary institution: external reputation authorized cooperation institution
  • Audit Division: The Review Division is responsible for reviewing and negotiating project review, external assistance, membership and other matters.
    Project Planning Department: Re-confirm the project submitted by the member for review
    Tutor Group: Experts in the field of interest of the Foundation, mainly assisting the Review Division in the evaluation and review of assistance projects.
    Advisory Group: Experts in related fields, providing various advisory services for the development of the Foundation, and establishing a reputational partnership with the Foundation.