Advanced Technology Research and Application Foundation (hereinafter referred to as ATRAF) is registered with the Canadian Federal Government and is an independent, non-partisan non-profit organization (non-profit corporation) with registration number 1166797-1, commercial code 767706278RC0001, headquarters. Located in Vancouver, the Foundation hopes to unite the world’s advanced technology researchers, practitioners, business owners, including enthusiasts, to gradually carry out high-tech advanced academic exchanges around the world, focusing on academic exchanges and popular science services, and promoting the transformation of advanced technology research into technological transformation. For the results, success has been applied to various social\commercial applications.

Mission and vision

Science and technology are democratic. It is constantly narrowing the gap between people and countries and giving people more and more freedom. We will continue to climb and explore in the field of science and technology. We hope to build a country-free advanced technology research and application foundation, give better technology talents a better platform and provide better opportunities to record advanced technology research. The deeds and achievements of personnel have completed the popularization of advanced new technologies.
In the technological world, we will find and explore the advanced technologies created by these talents and the advanced technologies created by these talents for publicity and recognition, so that advanced technology talents are no longer alone, and we hope to use them. To promote social development, to enable science and technology to better serve human society, and to help more people enjoy the convenience of high technology.

Our goal

  • Unite advanced technology researchers, care and voice with advanced technicians;
  • Support economic growth and job creation through innovation, as well as the quality of health and living environment;
  • Provide support for the development of high-quality talent through research and exchange, and expand research and work opportunities;
  • Promote production networks and collaboration between universities, colleges, research institutions, non-profit organizations and commercial companies around the world.

Value Proposition

  • Technology for human services
  • Not afraid of authority
  • Scientifically solve theoretical problems,Technology solves practical problems.

Focus area

  • Artificial intelligence field
  • Internet technology, Internet of Things technology
  • Digital Economy and Digital Arts
  • Financial Technology
  • Other advanced high-tech technologies