Join Us

Members are divided into Individual Members and Corporate Members

individual member

Conditions for individual membership:
·Agree with ATRA Foundation
·Recommended by an existing member
·Paper certificate / business certificate
·The inspection and audit period is 3 months
·After the end of the inspection and verification period, he / she will become a full member to obtain the membership certificate, have the recommended qualification and enjoy the membership rights and interests.
Personal membership fee: 300 $CDN / 3 years

Membership interests
·Jointly maintain the growth of the foundation and participate in the daily operation of the foundation
·Recommend advanced technology / talents / projects to the foundation, and recommend them to the list of commendations and Awards
·Foundation membership certificate and official website member display
·Technology / achievements researched and developed / concerned by the company shall be spread in relevant English media first
·Participate in related projects of the foundation or actively put forward research topics
·Using ATRA foundation on personal resume
·Recruit members and find more like-minded people (based on professionalism, ATRA foundation realizes membership recommendation system, each member
Only 3 recommended places)
·International academic and technical exchange and paper recommendation
·Docking of technical achievements into commercial application resources
·Transnational technical project cooperation
Membership obligations
·Pay attention to the development of advanced technology and contribute to all affairs issued by the foundation
·Publicize the foundation to the outside world and speak for its members when necessary
·Participate in the decisions of the foundation and vote
·Maintain the external image of the foundation and synchronize all kinds of relevant information related to the foundation in a timely manner


Corporate Membership

Enterprise member obtains enterprise member certificate of foundation
Corporate membership requirements: for companies with offices in Canada, they are usually engaged in research and development activities or selling technical solutions to the Canadian private and / or public sector market.
Charge standard: 3000 CAD / year
International enterprise membership: for companies outside Canada, we establish strategic partnership or business cooperation with us to promote common interests (such as technology research, trade and investment promotion, service provision, academic exchange, etc.)
Rate: $5000 / year
The enterprise members will receive the research / application manuals recommended and arranged by the foundation, and invite to participate in the relevant activities sponsored and co organized by the foundation.